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Lawsuit Loan: I Have Been Involved In A Car Accident. Am I Eligible? (Part III)

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Were you aware of the fact that each year, 40,000 Americans lose their lives in car accidents? Review also aware of the fact that insurance carriers fight claimants tooth-and-nail to avoid paying claims to those who have been involved in car accidents. It is this scenario that creates the need to obtain a lawsuit loan in many such instances.

Heavy traffic may be a cause of a car accident. However, it is not unusual for such collisions to involve commercial vehicles (e.g., semis).

Car accidents are by far the most common source of personal injury lawsuits. Therefore, these cases are ideal for those who seek a lawsuit loan.

Many types of injuries occur as a result of a car accident. These injuries include such things as broken bones, neck and back injuries, injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, whiplash, and brain injuries.

The increased reliance on cars for transportation has significantly increased the likelihood of being involved in a car accident at least once during your lifetime. Although car accidents are very stressful situations, if you intend to minimize your liability and maintain peace of mind, you must proceed with care.

Of this you may be assured, the insurance carrier will devote untold resources to defend its insured. The insurance carrier is not going to pay your claim without a fight, in almost all instances. It is extremely important that you retain legal counsel as quickly as possible following the car accident.

The extent to which you control communications with the insurance company will determine, to a large extent, the likelihood of your being able to obtain a lawsuit loan.

Unfortunately, in many instances, prior to retaining an attorney, individuals will agree to meet with insurance company representatives. Careless words at this stage of negotiations may result in a situation in which the insurance carrier will be able to deny liability for both damage to your vehicle and injuries you sustained as a result of the car accident.

It is paramount that you remember that if you are involved in a car accident, remain calm. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, it is necessary for you to be prepared for events that arise subsequent to the car accident prior to the accident actually occurring. This simply means that you realize that certain rights and obligations will accrue at the time of the car accident. Remember, irrespective of damages/injuries observed at the scene, the police must be notified. If you failed to obtain a police report, your ability to establish liability will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Have you been involved in a car accident? If so, the lawsuit loan is very likely to provide the resources you need to survive the months ahead as you pursue your claim against the driver who both damaged your vehicle and caused your personal injuries.

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