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Payday Loans on Benefits – Loans in all Circumstances

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

There are lot’s of people who due to various reasons are unable to earn and are thus under the aids of Department of Social Security (DSS). Underemployment, some kind of physical deformity or accidents leading to some handicaps, are some of the reasons, people get this help. Life for them is tough as the money given is hardly sufficient to tide over a month. During this period what will they do if there is a sudden emergency? The good news is it is not the end of the road, a boon called Payday Loans on Benefits is the saviour they have. This also means Loans are available no matter what your circumstances.

You can avail a cash amount of £80 to £1500 and repay it within 30 days or when your next benefits are due. This money is allotted on the basis of your repayment ability.

So the basic requirements to avail this

You should be above 18 years.
A permanent resident of UK.
A valid ID proof.
An active bank account.

A Pounds till Payday for people on benefits is also a completely online process. It is a fast, no paperwork no bother service. You can apply for it sitting at home on the lenders website. The best part being you are not restricted to one or two companies in fact this is a golden opportunity to compare and analyse and narrow down on the best quote received. Further more you can equip yourself with the penalties and charges of each company thus avoiding heavy interest or fees.

The application if once approved entitles you to immediate cash aid which is credited directly in your account. The repayments are also deducted the same way. The repayment days can be flexible provided you are ready to pay some extra fees.
A poor credit history in the past need not mean that your case is out of bounds, you can still apply and there are hordes of lenders ready to offer monetary help. A proof of DSS benefit status makes your job easier.

This help can also be Unsecured as well as Secured. In an Unsecured scenario:

You do not pledge anything.
Hence loan amount is lesser and you get lesser repayment period.
Higher interest rate.

In a secured case:

You need to provide collateral which could be your house or vehicle.
Amount disbursed is higher and longer duration to repay.
Low interest rate.

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