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Reporter investigates some surveillance cameras

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Who will polish our “eye in the sky” reporter investigates some surveillance cameras in Shenzhen, the management system of electronic management system should be straightened out and control
How to use technology tools to enhance the efficiency of security monitoring and prevention so as to be taken into account. Among which the most basic piece of equipment is 23 million cameras around over the Shenzhen. 2000 square kilometers of area in Shenzhen, there are 115 cameras per square kilometer.

Prevention and control of large electronic systems is trying to eliminate the city’s security blind spots, however, the existing video surveillance how to effectively use, while managing to achieve efficient, still requires constant effort and specification issues.

In the urban areas around the forest of surveillance cameras, in fact, is divided into many. There are traffic police on the road to the road traffic management and set up, there are security inspections of the police station to set up, there are a considerable number of cameras is the district unit of the security management settings as needed.

Since the end of 2005, construction of the camera is listed as key projects in the city of Shenzhen, construction planning, and since early last year, according to the “who benefits, who is funded by the government unified technical standards” principle building. In 2007, the city’s layout has 200,000 cameras. Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of Shen Shaobao then said that Shenzhen has begun to build basic coverage of the city, information exchange, resource sharing, all-weather, multi-level, comprehensive prevention and control of electronic systems.

Reporters visited Futian, Luohu station number of video control rooms, found in the main urban roads and places have strict video surveillance, video surveillance and these are less than 30 days to save time. Futian District police, who declined to be named, said the station’s security video is mainly responsible for the management of public open spaces and roads, the public security departments of these cameras can be monitored dynamically (cctv security equipment), once the failures and repair times.

A police of River water station said, the camera direct managed by the public security department (security officer equipment), can be directly taken out of tune, but the camera within the residential property management, they can only urge the solution. from: security camera equipment

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