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Secured Loans, Mortgages And Remortgages Have Seen No Improvement.

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

The recession took the most dreadful toll on mortgages, remortgages and secured loans.

Secured loans fell by more than 80% of the level at which they stood at the end of 2006, and these once so popular loans fell to a shadow of their former self.

The real beauty of a secured loan lies in the fact that these secured homeowner loans can be used for any purpose providing the purpose is legal.

A common purpose of the secured loan apart fro home improvements , car or boat purchase, etc. was for debt consolidation. This is when credit cards debts, personal loans, etc. are all rolled into the one and replaced with a single low interest repayment in the shape of a secured loan. A secured loan at about 9% takes the place of credit cards costing from normally about 20% to even double that. The savings by using a secured loan for debt consolidation is apparent.

Mortgages which almost every consumer needs to buy a property declined as people were inclined to stay put at their current address during the recession, and as such there was not the same need for mortgages. The decline in property prices further had an adverse affect on the mortgage market.

Before the credit crunch it was common for a mortgage payer to change from one provider to another after their current mortgage deal ended and this meant that every two to five years mny homeowners changed their mortgage lender.

Changing mortgage lender is done to obtain a lower interest rate and is called remortgaging or a remortgage.

Remortgages can also be taken out for a greater amount to raise funds for almost any purpose just like secured loans

With the fall in house prices many homeowners could no longer obtain a remortgage at a really good rate of interest as low rates depend on the equity on a property.

Everyone hoped that the end of the credit crunch would witness the resurrection of mortgages, remortgages and secured loans but this has not happened.

Homeowners are no more popular since the end of the recession while remortgages are at their lowest for ten years with mortgages at the lowest ebb since the Spring of 2001.

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