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It was pointed out that ATM Vomit “Practice Paper” Bank

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

The chief of Bank of China showed to the reporters yesterday, and this ATM the bank in early May 7, (Saturday) 13:15 points has stopped the withdrawl deposit function, until May 9, it resumed normal situation in the future.

Bank of China export out the ATM video surveillance video, have not found the situation that a wei said, “after verification, the time that a wei manage the withdrawal business (on May 8,-20:00 24:00) the operation of video equipment is normal, this time, there were 91 customers came to the ATM conduction business, surveillance video record lasts 56 minutes 33 seconds long, in the period, it did not find the described report with acrobatics has taken to lens paper. The bank manager said that.

And in the media surveillance video from 22:15 when directly jump to 22:10 points, during it, nearly 5 minutes of video screen missing, the bank said, the video of fenjiang enterprise was record by bank of China mobile detect type (door access control), when detect the moving object, it starts await station.

The bank according to mobile phone number that media reporters provide, verified wei, on May 8,-21:00 at 23:00 to call the record, but the recording of records from the time the phone call in 95566, bank of China comprehends again content of hearing, and not’s and other clients, about” acrobatics paper complaints (fingerprint reader access control). Only 5 October, and May 11, about the bank’s loss, calling. “I hope that through the media called for as soon as possible, with our banks, the facts get in touch with the public. Coalescing yesterday evening to our reporter says. The Wisconsin after o, on May 11, post says, because there is not enough evidence of hands in an organization to get counterfeit currency, worry about the public security organization investigate” prison.from: access control fingerprint

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