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Three Basic Things You Should Know About Gibraltar Recruitment Process

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Gibraltar is gaining popularity as a high earning and low cost of living destination for both skilled and unskilled professionals. According to a statistics made in 2009, there are more than 20,000 professionals engaged in different sectors of Gibraltar. Though Gibraltar recruitment process follows more or less the same pattern of the UK, still there are several differences. Hence, before applying for a vacancy and joining in Gibraltar, you need to be aware of three basic facts. They are working condition in Gibraltar, labor laws of Gibraltar and types of jobs available here. In this article, we will focus upon these three factors in detail

Working condition in Gibraltar
If you are a citizen of Gibraltar or a Briton, you can work here without any residence permit. If you are a citizen of EU countries, you have to convince the concerned authorities in Gibraltar that you are not going to be a burden on their country. Any job in Gibraltar filled by professionals coming from the countries not mentioned in the above list goes through a lengthy and time taking process. The recruiters have to convince the concerned authorities that they have found a suitable, Gibraltar, British or EU citizen for the purpose. However, once appointed, the employees are treated at par with native Gibraltar professionals.

Labor laws of Gibraltar
Government jobs in Gibraltar are reserved for natives in most of the cases. Gender discrimination on wage is not marked in both government and private sector jobs. Minimum wage protection is another advantage that the professionals engaged in Gibraltar avail. Trade unions are legal here. There are several legislations which empower the professionals to fight against unfair dismissal (if any) in Private sectors. All employees working here are entitled for pension plans.

Types of jobs available in Gibraltar
The Market of job in Gibraltar offers opportunity to professionals with different skills to show their skills and expertise. However, the jobs which are in high demand here are IT consultants, telemarketing, jobs in hotel, restaurants and bars, accounting and teaching. Out of these jobs in Gibraltar, IT consultants and professionals are the highest earners.

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