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Things to Remember When Buying a New Car

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

There is no better feeling than slipping into your brand new vehicle on a daily basis, knowing that you are the first person to own and drive it around town. You will not have to deal with the stains, scratches, and broken parts that come to you compliments of a previous owner. Your interior will also stay in prime condition for a longer period, since you will be in full control of maintenance and wear and tear.

The reality is that the profit in new cars is extremely low and always has been low. New car dealerships make their profits from selling new cars due to heavily pushing their customers to buy aftermarket items like rustproofing, window tinting, and many other things they may not need. And lets not forget about them adding extra points on to the loans and the money they make from the repairs they do in their service department too.

Your credit report plays a tremendously large role in the kind of deal you are going to be able to get. Logic would dictate that those with the best credit are going to get the best deals, but believe it or not, some studies actually contradict this. In fact, there is a faction that says that people with bad credit get the best deals, because dealers can make up the profits lost on a bad credit sale by making larger profits on those with good credit.

As recently as 2007, most consumers paid at or just below the sticker price for their new cars. No more. Today, a sticker price is simply a guide, but you can pay closer to what the dealer paid for the car when you uncover that information while researching your particular car. These days, most new cars can be had for just a few hundred dollars above dealer invoice, even for lower amounts when manufacturer incentives are included.

If you’re looking to buy a new car, you of course need to consider where the money’s going to come from. Unless you are on a really good wage, and you can pay cash. It is unlikely that you were going to be able to afford a new car. You might have to settle for a second hand one. However, if you think about some ways to make some fast cash, you could have that new car sooner than you think. There are plenty of ways to get hold of some cash.

Don’t mention your trade until you agree on a price on the car you’re buying. When your salesman asks if you’ll be trading in, say “no.” Once you agree on a price, add your trade to the deal. This keeps the salesman from muddying the waters by playing with one figure at the expense of the other. The normal car-buying pattern is for someone to look at cars after dealerships are closed during the week, then to go into the dealership on a Saturday morning to buy the car they like. The problem with this is that the salesman and dealer have all day to wear the buyer down.

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