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Work hard for web directory Submissions!

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Web Directory Submission is a process of submitting your website to top directories on the internet making it easier for people and for search engines to find and locate your website. Take for example, when you want to find a telephone number, you look in the telephone directory, when you want to find a plumber or an electrician or a place or a place to buy a TV, you look in your local yellow pages. Well the very same way, when a person wants to find something on the internet he looks into web directories. The websites in these directories are submitted by seo / internet marketing companies and one of their forays is directory submission.
It is noted, most unfortunately, that people have started using automated directory submission tools. These tools are automated and work on postings but do not guarantee listings. The worst part of these automated submissions is that, these tools keep doing automated submissions into the oddest of odd categories. A survey has found that a auto submission tool was submitting a website related to coal mining into a category for electronic item sales and services. And it is not just that one tool… Most of the tools that work on automated directory submissions operate in the same way. They do not look at the categories they are submitting to.
This way, if your website is not submitted to the category it belongs to and the search engine detects this, they can also ban/blacklist your website for adopting blackhat SEO/ Internet Marketing techniques; and once blacklisted, it is an extremely difficult task to be able to get your site unblocked by that search engine. Thus it is highly suggestive, that when going in for directory submissions, ensure that the submission is done entirely manually. Doing it manually puts the website into the correct category and increases chances of a visibility in search engines and in that web directory!
Last, but not the least, it is exceedingly important that you choose an experienced internet marketing company for all web directory submission needs. A company that is experienced and has proof of their experience and a long list of happy clients will not make a mistake and god forbids they do, it is easy for them to rectify it. Most of the internet marketing companies, that are super experienced, also offer guaranteed SEO and Guaranteed directory submission plans and not only do such companies submit manually, they offer proofs of listings and proof of their work so that you know that they have worked for the money you paid them, and they have worked hard!!!

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