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How to Create an Effective Direct Mail Copy

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

You may be a bit tired of acronyms. After all, they’re all around. But I’m going to provide you with just a few more initials that make it easy for you to reread your postcard mailing to ensure its effectiveness. And these letters come from none other than marketing guru Joe Vitale, who has made literally millions of dollars selling all sorts of products and services. He insists that if you remember the Four P’s of copywriting, you’ll be destined to be successful from this moment on.

So if a real estate investor wants his real estate direct mail to work, what are the best steps to take?

First you need to outline the problem your potential customer faces. And no you’re not doing this because he doesn’t know what it is. He’s well aware of his problem. But you do this to create a genuine bond with your potential customer.

To have the right Problem Key, your copy must be able to express your prospect’s problem in a way that helps him feel that you fully understand his problem and what he is going through. Hence, before starting any real estate direct marketing campaign, you must know your prospects well.

For the problem key, be sure to make your customer feel that you understand what he is going through and that you empathize with him. Of course, you must know the background of your prospects in order to do this.

The promise key opens his mind to the idea that you have the experience and skills to be able to quickly sell his home at a good price.

Critical to the body of your copy is a solid Proof Key. Most of your prospects have been contacted by several investors. In your real estate direct mail, your prospect must have his doubts about you eliminated by the proof key.

Your proof key in your copy must have testimonials from previous customers whom you have helped in selling their home at a good price. If you include some of the success stories of people like them, your prospect will be moved to believe that you are the real deal.

If your mailing can effectively outline the Four “P”s to persuade your audience to call you to discuss the matter, you’ve been successful.

Go ahead. Read your latest postcard mailing with the Four “P”s in mind. Did you cover them all? If you didn’t, there’s no time like the fifth “P” – the Present. Why not sit down right now and rewrite this mailing with these key words in mind?

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