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A Guide To Buying Seattle Investment Property And The Best Markets For Positive Cash Flow

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

The process of flipping a house can be compared to a carefully orchestrated routine. You’ll need to get the best seattle investment property and people you can get a hold of while strictly adhering to the rules set in place. As in any house flip, fixes are necessary before a property can be sold again for a profit.

Expenses come in the form of fixes and rehab when a property is bought to flip. To ensure the sale of the house will go hassle-free you would naturally want to make it as marketable as possible by getting all the major and cosmetic repairs done. To ensure the repairs to be made are not too costly, estimates have to be done by contractors before fixes are set in motion. Plus, you’ll probably want to hire people to do the heavy labor of clearing out a house or removing the debris from your projects.

As you would ensure your property is clean before reselling it, also keep the habit of clearing out a property you just bought if you have any plans at all to flip that seattle investment property. To do this, getting a crew of workers and with some help from your buddies would really come in handy so you can clear out the dirt and rubble quickly and start working on a clean house. To give your pals a good workout have them work the sledgehammer to debris and rubble you don’t want to keep on the property. Pulling out old cabinets would be way easier if you have extra hands to assist so ask for their help here as well.

Your next step is to keep the neighbors placated by mowing the lawn. In doing so, instead of upsetting them, you win their trust and confidence for being instrumental in the improvement of the neighborhood. If you intend to renovate the kitchen to provide an appealing workspace to the buyer, bring in either an architect or a kitchen designer for bigger and smaller jobs respectively. To make efficient use of time, in your hours spent shopping for new furniture have plumbers and electricians lay out the new plumbing and wiring respectively so everything can be up and running before the huge cabinets come in.

If you’ll be employing both a plumber and an electrician, make sure they work on different schedules so they won’t impede each other’s work. Some plumbers and electricians though can coexist in projects like this without any problems. The next job after all the wiring and plumbing belongs to a carpenter. With a carpenter’s ability to read blueprints, they can now add window and door hardware, common rafter, layout for stairs etc.

Once the carpenter is done you’ll be able to bring in a contractor to replace the sheet rock you tore out, and have the plumber and electrician come back in to complete finishing touches like wall plugs. Once all the work is done and the house has been completely renovated with the right paint and furniture, start making money by reselling the house. When seeking out seattle investment property to flip don’t forget to keep up the lawn maintenance either!

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