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A Short History Of The Chimney Sweep

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Chimneys have been around for thousands of years. In fact, since before recorded history. So it stands to reason that the job of chimney sweep is generally considered one of the oldest in the world. Of course, it was only in the last few hundred years that they were large enough for grown people to squeeze through, so the image of the man with the broom is a relatively recent invention.

When urban sprawls began to rise in the last few hundred years, more and more homes were being made with full size chimneys, so the occupation rose in prominence. More and more people sought to be professional sweepers, and the job became one that would command some degree of respect.

Years ago, you would see children being used as sweepers. This was, of course, not entirely safe, but the small size of children made them otherwise perfect for the job. Eventually, legislation was passed in order to prevent children younger than eight years old from sweeping, and before long, nobody under twenty one was allowed to become a sweeper. This is, of course, for the best.

In 1937, in Germany, Heinrich Himmler would pass some legislation dictating that only those with pure German blood could sweep chimneys. This was so he could enlist them as spies. Furthermore, they could enter a home at any time to check for problems in the pipes. This legislation is actually still in effect today!

Of course, these days, the industry is very different. It has expanded more and more thanks to the wide variety of heating devices in homes, from furnaces to stoves to fireplaces. The pipes will always keep getting dirty, and so, somebody has to clean them.

The modern chimney sweep is more than just a sweeper, though. In the US, they’re licensed and regulated by the CSIA, or the Chimney Safety Institute of America. They’re trained not just to sweep, but to spot hazards and potential problems, and to perform certain repairs and maintenance procedures, so they’re much more than mere sweepers.

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