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Attention Landlords, Slash Your Bills With Solar Heating Tubes

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

Anyone with experience in the real-estate rental business knows that for every landlord energy costs are a big concern. Many of these costs are often the responsibility of tenants, of course, but even so, reducing these costs would give you a substantial edge in the property rental marketplace. By installing solar heating tubes you can cut a large chunk out of your energy consumption and thus save you money on your energy bills. Landlords all around the world are installing solar heating tubes. Solar heating tubes are the next generation of solar technology, allowing you to enjoy the cost reducing benefits of completely renewable energy from the most plentiful energy source known to man – the sun. Solar heating tubes are more efficient than solar panels, so they can be used even in colder climates where there isn’t much sun.

Solar Panels vs Solar Heating Tubes

You probably already know about solar panels. They’ve been with us since the sixties, and we’re used to seeing them on roof tops in hot countries. Although solar panels were a novel idea, they did have a few fundamental design flaws, such as their flat surface, which needed direct sunlight to operate. The shape and methods of storing the energy once it was collected also led too much of the solar energy being lost. Solar heating tubes address these design flaws by using a rounded, cylindrical shape, allowing them to be positioned in such a way that they receive sunlight throughout the day, thus making them more efficient. The energy is also stored in a more efficient manner, employing a vacuum tube which retains a much higher percentage of the solar energy captured.

Solar heating tubes are the ideal way to heat your building’s water at no cost, thereby cutting your landlord energy costs. You may be able to save even more money by using solar heating tubes to warm the whole building. The more solar power you can use, the less you’ll need to depend on other, more pricey power sources. If you are a landlord energy costs will be one of the primary things potential tenants will look at. Having lower energy costs will not only make your building more appealing to tenants on a budget but also to those that care about the environment.

Green Energy Gives You an Edge in the Competitive Rental Market

The rental business is extremely competitive and it is only going to become increasingly more so in the future. Those that wish to succeed need to do everything in their power to gain an edge over the competition, and when a landlord cuts his bills with solar heating tubes, he gives himself several advantages over those relying entirely on fossil fuels and electricity.

The United States government and other governments around the world are actively trying to encourage landlords and home owners to utilize this green technology so you will probably find that they are willing to help you out when it comes to installation. Solar heating tubes are on the cutting edge of the new green energy movement. Whether your building houses apartments, industry, or virtually anything else, landlords, you will cut your bills with solar heating tubes.

Craig Axelrod is a partner for EmmyEnergy.com, a NY solar energy operation offering solar heating tube systems solar energy systems & clean energy products throughout the North East.

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