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Avoiding Tenant Issues When Renting Out Your Home

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

We’ve all heard those tenant horror stories. The one has written bad checks for three months in a row… the one who left the house in shambles when they moved out…the one who is always whiny… and the one who hides a pet… or hiding 10 other residents. There are so many possible negative things that could happen when you let someone living in your Utah rental property. But there are always good tenants as well, but let’s focus on the bad ones for now.

One story found on-line was a response to a question on Yahoo of “What is your worst tenant story?” One person responded saying they installed new kitchen cabinets in the home and when the tenants moved out, they took the cabinets with them. They hired an attorney who wrote them a letter with two days later he found them thrown through his office window. He charged the person for the letter and the windows. The person then hired another attorney to dispute the attorney’s claims and the first attorney was so mad that he should out the person’s truck window.

Overall, it cost this person $12,000 just because some tenants decided they really liked the new kitchen cabinets. Quite costly for just managing a rental property. But if you went with Utah property management KeyRenter they can manage your property for only $75 a month. They can handle bad tenant issues and give eviction notices and legal help if needed. It’s an advantage for a homeowner to have a Utah property management on their side if tenants are not following the terms of their contract.

Although there are the small possibilities of this happening to you if you decide to offer a rental home in Utah, it shouldn’t stop you from renting it out. You just need experienced professionals behind you like KeyRenter. Better yet, they avoid this whole thing by providing a detailed 12-point background check and data analysis on applicants. Utah property management makes sure you have the highest-qualified applicants living in your Utah rental property and lessens the chances of any bad tenant issues.

The best way to avoid bad tenants is to know beforehand what kind of person they are an their background. By doing detailed residential screenings, Utah property management can pull their information like employment, residential history, finances, and credit. Based on this test, they are able to determine if the potential tenant will pay their rent on time and be responsible for the property.

There’s no need to make a horror story by making the right choice in the beginning of choosing a qualified tenant. With good communication, you are able to avoid any misunderstandings between yourself and the tenant. Utah property management can assist as a third-party to relay communication between the homeowner and tenant. That way both parties are being adhered to and tenants will have more responsibility keeping the property undamaged since they are renting it from a Utah property management.

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