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Beijing Mobile Phone Call Charges Out

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Beijingglobal mobile phone users can apply to the business hall charges meal. For the food, Beijing, such as the user the long, for a few years ago, shandong, guangdong, and chongqing users already change to figure eat all kinds of high quality not your package. And a few months ago, is considered one of the highest mobile phone charges cityShanghaialso launch price cut package. As the leading telecommunications popularity inBeijing, more charges like a tight iron plate. Now,Beijingextremely strong mobile phone fees tip finally began to melt. When we looked around, in recent years, in addition to the mobile phone charges aroundBeijing, has been in the fall. TheBeijingis the biggest, most big change, mobile phone fee charges hit a historical minimum.


May 10, afternoon, the reporter comes toBeijingmobile xidan postal service hall, the staff said: “today to the postal service hall than a few days ago many a times, most customers are asked to mobile phone charges.” Cut His answer is: “there is no detailed policy, to know.” tomorrow More coincidentally, conduction business networking system also froze up. The official told reporters, and the bank and the networking 1860 inquires can deal with the phone business, this kind of situation this year haven’t met.


Work in sales Mr. Zhao says to the reporter, he from the Internet to see mobile phone charges after adjustment of the news of the Beijing mobile phone call customer service in 1860, and should have been consulting 1860 the line is busy, he simply can’t get through to business hall asked actually. Unfortunately, business hall also get 11, specific handle a case is known. Mr Zhao says, Beijing mobile phone fees as early as this fall, and in tianjin, guangzhou, work colleagues, almost call time compared and services, he monthly cellular phone fee is highest, is almost more than double the outside. He now average every month of the cellular phone fee is 600 DuoYuan. If the order that “answer the call every minute as long as two money” was called package, for him, is the most affordable, a month less than 400 yuan, you should be enough, can save nearly 40%. According to expert analysis, deal with the new package of users mobile phone call charges by an average of around 20% of the.


However, often flying back and forth from home and abroad LiangXiaoJie think the price cut with his concern is not big, because the phone bill is favorable local implementation. The other place, words fee will no longer offer now. She said: “had global should border-crossing provides the service, and international ChangTuFei now so your mobile phone, is also the drop points.”


In fact, as early as march, Beijing is explicitly pointed out that, Beijing disappear assist mobile phone fees higher than the national average, more than Shanghai, tianjin, guangzhou and other cities. In the service content exactly the same situation, Beijing’s cell phone users need to give more than double the price of, and they tend to be faithful to the degree of the “gold users”-whether charges do not fall down have to play, no matter the temptation DuoDa wouldn’t change a phone number, so operators… Lack of price cut


The new package for people who are interested in, some think setting threshold too much, charges to fall too not kind, some said does not quench thirst. Indeed, the minimum amount of package is 80 yuan, means that month and interflow of below 80 yuan, cannot enjoy low consumer price. “Calculation preferential charges more like intelligence game”, he taketh the combo and was called package to pick only one(Wholesale cell phone covers), it will have to spend to calculate calculate: what mind is the phone out, or answer telephone?


Beijingmobile deputy general manager FanYunJun expresses use the customer to set(cell phone accessories wholesale), at any time to unsubscribe the original, and then can be set to select suitable any new package. All new application package for application for this month, effective next month.


Last year, the ministry of information industry began to promote the gradual telecommunication cost management mode reform, establishing telecommunication cost of the formation of the market mechanism. From: phone accessories wholesale

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