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Bioheat Safer Option In Heating

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

In today’s world everyone is looking to contribute to the efforts to “go green” and help our environment. The home heating oil industry is no different. Energy companies are taking charge in the community to provide their customers with Bioheat options for their home and business needs.

Biodiesel is a renewable resource, and is a new form of fuel derived from animal fats or vegetable oils. Pullum/Sibling Energy converted their offices to this new form and is offering the option to their customers, in helping the environment.

The advantages of using Bioheat are numerous. They include the fact that the fuel emits 83 percent less sulfur emissions when it makes up only 20% of the fuel mixture (this fuel is referred to as B20). The B20 mixture also reduces nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide by 20% and 16% respectively. Many are already aware that carbon dioxide is the major contributor to global warming. Biofuels used for Bioheat do produce carbon dioxide but the plants that are used to derive the fuel remove a greater amount during their lifespan, so in effect the process of making Biofuel actually removes carbon dioxide from our environment helping to actual reverse atmospheric levels of C02!

Although a heating system that runs on 100% Biofuel often requires modifications, the B20 fuel is readily available and can work with existing fuel oil burners. The price increase is minimal; usually between 2-5% increase over the course of a year, and the positive effects that using the fuel has on the environment makes it a great choice for any environmentally-conscious consumer.

Energy company Pullum/Sibling Energy is finding responsibility in using Biofuel in all their applications as possible, and will lead the heating industry, also, in the direction of helping the environment, the “green” way.

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