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Buying Real Estate, What’s In It For You

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Are you being transferred to the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, or are you thinking of relocating on your own? Consider this: Living north or east of the Dallas metroplex in one of the progressive communities in the surrounding area may be of great benefit to you. Whether you’re leasing a home or buying your own, even if your goal is residential or commercial income property, the added value of living north of east of the Dallas area is something you should consider.

In these economic times you must make yourself aware of every advantage available to you, whether buying or leasing. Issues like short sales and foreclosures are a bigger part of the market than ever before. Opportunities are out there that encompass both the high and low end of the market. Whether you’re looking in the $80,000 to $150,000 price range or you’re interested in top of the line residential or commercial real estate, if you’re unsure about qualifying for a home loan, or you have the benefit of a recent sale, your most significant find may lie in the area just outside of Dallas.

Some of the fastest growth around these days is seen in the real estate in Frisco, Texas, where the emphasis is on newer, single family homes with availability to amenities like golf, hiking trails and clubs. You should also check out real estate in McKinney, Texas. McKinney was established in 1848, and it has one of the oldest authentic downtowns in Texas. Be sure to look at homes for sale in Plano, Texas, population 250,100, voted by CNN and Money Magazine as the 11th best place to live in the US. But don’t overlook what the future holds for real estate in Prosper, Texas, one of the fastest growing regions of the continental US. Located an easy commute of 35 miles north of Dallas, Prosper boasts a school district unsurpassed in the Dallas metropolitan area. It’s one of the best kept secrets in Texas.

You’ll find living conditions afforded by the prime Real estate in Carrollton, Texas that offer a lifestyle that is safe and affordable, yet vibrant. With many shopping and dining experiences available to you, Carrollton is definitely open for business. If you’re comfortable being surrounded by technology, it may be of interest to you that according to Neighborhood Scout, Garland, Texas has more people living there who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US. Beautifully landscaped homes for sale in well established communities like Garland, Texas offer low crime and great neighbors. Don’t overlook homes for sale in Allen, Texas, either. Allen is a proactive business community, as witnessed by the Millennium Technology Park and Millennium Corporate Center, yet the city is a close knit community in Southwestern Collin County, Texas with an emphasis on family values.

A real estate agent in McKinney, Texas, or Frisco, Texas, or any of these other cities, can help you with significant finds of properties in any of the other exciting communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. An agent in Denton County, Texas can show you properties in Collin County, Texas, or in even in portions of Dallas County, Texas. They can help you look at recent sales of similar properties to help you come up with your price range. The agent can help you analyze additional data-the condition of the home, improvements that have been made or that are needed, current market conditions, and circumstances of the seller that can help you settle on a fair price and any qualifications or additional terms you may want to put in your offer.

Look for an agent that is truly willing to work with you, to serve your best interest, and one who is not so eager to move you to close just to make the deal. Specifically, have your agent show you recent sales of similar homes, including comparisons from one community to another. Getting your best deal requires a well prepared and fully implemented plan that compares prices of homes that are similar in square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage space, lot size, and type of construction.

Some agents are now focusing on specific elements of homes for sale, i.e. the $80,000 to $150,000 price range referred to above or homes that are in foreclosure or involved in a short sale. Your key to successfully determine the best deal for you is to align your effort with a real estate agent focused on what you want and need in what is likely to be the most important investment you will make in your lifetime.

Learn more about real estate in the areas surrounding Dallas. Stop by my site at look4dallashomes.com to get the most up to date information that best fits your need.

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