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Canadian Apartment Hunting Guide – Western Canada Edition

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

If this is the first time that you are renting an apartment in Canada, there is a lot of information that you need to know before you start your search. How many bedrooms do you need? Are heat and electricity included in your rent? The following is your Canadian apartment hunting guide.

First, establish how much you can pay for rent. Figure in things like parking if you have a car or public transportation if you need to travel to work and school. Consider how far it is for you to get to the closest mall, grocery store, or laundromat.

Start with looking through the housing advertisements in your local newspaper. You will typically find an advertisement that says something like 2 BR, heat, hydro, inc. Unfurnished and then a location and a price. You can also find apartment rental listings online as well as in places like the local grocery store or laundromat.

Using your budget and your personal needs as a guideline, call no more than six apartments at once. When you call, ask which kind of heat is used to keep the apartment warm in winter and whether your heat and hydro are included in your rent payment. This is very important during the winter when heat and hydro costs can be more than two hundred dollars a month.

Most apartments allow use of the refrigerator and stove that the landlord has put in. Always ask, though, if these items will be included, and make certain when you sign the agreement that these items are listed as being included in the rental agreement. The same goes with washing machines and dryers. Some apartments have them built into each apartment. Some buildings have a common laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. Some have none at all. Ask, and make certain any existing equipment is listed on the rental agreement.

Bachelor apartments can be an easy way for someone who is just moving out to get their first space without necessarily spending a ton of cash on getting set up. These apartments often come fully furnished, with a bed, dresser, desk and even a lamp. When you call about these, ask what is furnished and what is not. Unfortunately, most of these types of rental spaces do not have private bath rooms, nor do they necessarily allow cooking in the private rooms. Ask about bathing and cooking areas when you call about a bachelor apartment.

When you finally find the apartment that you can both afford and that suits your needs, you will have to sign a rental agreement. Most landlords will insist on a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent. This deposit goes toward your last month’s rent, and you earn interest on the amount throughout the time that you rent.

When signing the rental agreement, especially for people who are new to renting, you will likely need someone to cosign your agreement for example when people are renting Calgary apartments or Kitchener apartments. Generally speaking, this would be a family member who can be counted upon to pay your rent should you default on payment on your own. Once you have successfully rented an apartment several times, you will likely be able to forgo this step as you will have established your own credit history and your landlord will see that you are a good tenant to have.

When living in Toronto finding apartments for rent in Edmonton that are right for you can be difficult. Viewit can help you with your search for an apartment in Edmonton as well as Halifax apartments.

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