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Cherry Creek Townhomes and the Local Real Estate Market

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Cherry Creek is located only a few short minutes south of the downtown area. This gives its residents a huge advantage when trying to get to the downtown area as they can use back roads rather than having to rely on the freeway system. Cherry Creek offers some of Denver’s best features right in the city limits. There are many attractions in Cherry Creek which draws new residents to the area every year. As an alternative to houses many people have been looking into Cherry Creek townhomes.

Cherry Creek’s culture is suited to fit everyone. Residents can go to the various parks if they want quiet time or they can go to some of the upscale shopping areas in town. The most famous area is Cherry Creek North. This is because it has the best shopping experience in the Denver area. The area is a vast 16 blocks of various stores that can be visited. Cherry Creek Mall is another well known area for shopping and it is not far from Cherry Creek North. There are several stores and venders here that will keep you occupied for hours. If you have children you can take them along as there is a play area for the kids.

In terms of price Cherry Creek townhomes are similar to the condos and are expensive. Due to the fact that it is an upscale neighborhood the prices are also higher. Townhouses can range from $150,000 to $5.7 million with an average value of $375,000. $310 is the average price per square foot for Cherry Creek townhomes. Exclusive Cherry Creek townhomes are expensive with costs above $600,000 or $600 per square foot.

Cherry Creek townhomes, condos, and new single family homes have been replacing the old style homes that are pre-World War 2 era homes. Most of the housing that is currently available in the area is Cherry Creek townhomes and condos. The area started being redeveloped back in the 1970’s and is still currently undergoing redevelopment.

Cherry Creek is an important piece in the history of Denver when a small discover of gold made Denver a hot spot to move. There were originally three communities however they were renamed in 1860 under the name Denver. Surprisingly enough the original three cities have all kept their unique culture since the merge over 149 years ago.

Because the city is so upscale the Cherry Creek townhomes are naturally higher priced. Several new developments are taking place in the area over the next few years. Various developers are pricing Cherry Creek townhomes and condos between $400 and $1,000 per square foot. Some of the more expensive units will be above shops and they will be high end condos and townhomes. Continuous growth is expected to be seen in the Cherry Creek area over the next several years.

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