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Considering Saltwater Swimming Pools Systems

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Chlorine has been used for many years to keep the water in swimming pools clear and free of algae. It is an effective germ killer also. However, recently saltwater swimming pools have become very popular. There are many advantages of saltwater pools over chlorine pools including a lower maintenance cost and a reduction in the use of chemicals. Saltwater pools also have other benefits.

Most people find that swimming in salt water is much more comfortable that swimming in chlorine. The salt is less harsh than a traditional pool. There are no red eyes, discolored hair or itchy skin problems associated with a saltwater pool.

There are fewer chemicals required for saltwater pools than with chlorine pools. You do not have to buy, store or handle the toxic chemicals on a regular basis. Saltwater pools are better for the environment and do not have the strong chlorine smell of most swimming pools. The only chemical that must be bought is table salt.

Saltwater pools have the distinction of being almost self-cleaning. The require little maintenance yet keep the chemical level constant for the entire swimming season. You will not have to constantly be checking the pH level or chlorine content with these pools. The salt generator is filled once each season and then left alone. As a bonus, there is never a need to add anything to get rid of algae, as it just does not grow in a salt pool.

Chlorine pools can cause many medical problems, including infertility or reduced fertility, problems with the immune system, and even cancer. Some of the chemicals created when the chlorine reacts with ammonia from the human body can make emphysema and asthma worse. Since the chlorine level is always constant in the saltwater pool, these chemicals are never formed.

While more expensive to install, saltwater pools are much less expensive to operate. It is estimated that you will save over half of the operating expense with a saltwater pool.

There are some disadvantages to the saltwater systems that you should be aware of before deciding to purchase this system.

The salt can combine with calcium and form scaling on the surface of the pool. Salt is also highly corrosive. Anything metal in the area of the pool may rust, including handrails, furniture and even the pool itself. Finally, for the chlorine generator to work correctly, you must run the pump for the pool at all times. This could increase the cost of your electric bill.

Even with these disadvantages and the additional cost of installing a salt system, the advantages of new saltwater swimming pools over the other swimming pool types makes them a very good option for most pool owners. Saltwater pool owners do not have to purchase, handle or store pool chemicals. These pools do not need as much maintenance as other pools. Even though these pools may be more expensive in the beginning, the savings in operating costs will quick repay the additional costs. Anyone considering purchase of a new pool should consider a saltwater swimming pool.

Recently, saltwater Swimming Pools have started to grow immensely in popularity. Saltwater Swimming Pools offer numerous benefits such as lower cost of maintenance as well as Swimming Pool Contractors expenses and use of dangerous chemicals

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