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Cown Molding: Here is What You Should Know Before Buying

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

Understanding is imperative before you make your decision. Points to Ponder;

1. Longevity: The Styrofoam and polyurethane crown moldings have a tendency to break down over a period of time. Galvanize & Tin crown molding have been on city buildings for 80 years and more. Copper crown moldings last well over 100 years, other metals are also strong and Durable.

2. Water Absorption: The Foams have been known to absorb moisture. Under cold and freezing conditions areas where the foam crown moldings were installed may have retained dampness and moisture then freeze. This can crack causing costly damage. Crown Molding was originally designed to allow water to repel off the building. Metal Crown moldings are a perfect option.

3. Color: If you are looking for color it will not be found in the foams or plastics, they are only offered in White. To some having the up keep and maintenance in painting every few years is not a favorable outlook. Galvanize and Tin crown moldings would have to be painted in the past. Copper does Patina in time and even today there is a new love for it. Aluminum is a perfect option for color selections of many kinds. Kynar baked on enamel gives the color you desire and it will last for years to come.

4. Sizes: The foam trims come in fixed sizes so you are limited as to the size the manufacturer has to offer. Custom orders though some times offered can become extended periods of waiting and a expensive. Roll formed metal crown Molding is manufactured in many profiles. An extremely Popular style is conveniently formed without 90degree bends. This gives the Installer the opportunity to decide where the bends should be to fit over an existing wood crown or to fit on the size wood used on new construction.

5. Installation Tips: With every crown molding installation is so important to think ahead. What are the products extra positive amenities? Foam, plastic, polyurethane are missing one thing. Today metal crown molding has the option with their bends to create a Blind Nailing Method. Metal crown molding can be nailed under the roof shingle and against the wall for added strength. For information contact us at info@americancolonialcrown.com

Crown Moldings can be custom formed in a variety of crown sizes. Cornice systems can be designed to fit the existing style returning a broken down building into a Beautifully Distinct Restoration that truly captures what was first borne in its original form.

For Information About Copper Crown Molding, then visit American Colonial Crown Molding’s site for all your custom Aluminum Crown Molding Needs or call us at 215-257-6473

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