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Creating Modular Home Plans For Your Prospective New Home

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Manufactured homes or mobile homes are different that a modular home. Unlike the mobile home the modular home can be any size or shape. The modular home plans can be custom designed. They are considered pre-fabricated houses that are done in modules and then brought to your building site and constructed.

Designed a modular home is pretty simple and can be for a small home style like that of a cottage or for a mansion type ultra-modern home. There are many different plans to choose from that are already designed for any size modular home. These are done by expert designers and are both very functional and will use all the space in a very efficient way.

The smaller home designs will be around 1000 square feet while the largest ones are around 6000 square feet will with every convenience of any other type of home. The larger home will have separate living rooms, dining rooms, family room, up to five bedrooms, a library and even a breakfast nook all as part of the pre-designed plan. You can choose to make any of the pre-done plans uniquely yours by adding or subtracting design features to suit our own tastes and needs.

Your design will be crafted in modules and come almost ninety percent complete as it arrives at your building site. They will then put the sections together and finish both in interior and exterior touch-ups being careful to seal all the seams. For instance, the cabinets you choose and the fixtures will all arrive at your building site with the floors competed and even the walls painted.

The modular homes will come so competed with details they will have angled walls, lots of sophisticated detailing like the ceiling treatments, French doors, and even the crown molding. These special embellishments can also be part of a smaller home if you want this in our design plan. This makes it easy to take a basic design plan for either a smaller, more reasonably priced home or the larger elaborate home and add as many details as you like.

Modular home are build according to your plans and your added details. You will be able to make as many luxurious additions as you want. The choices for the cabinets, fixtures, flooring, color schemes, and windows will all be up to the plan you create for your home in the design phase.

Once your design is competed the factory takes just a few weeks and then in less than three weeks will have your home constructed on your building site.

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