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Creative Real Estate Investing For The Skilled Investor

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Creative real estate investing is a different way of obtaining real estate than traditional methods. Most buyers will obtain a mortgage from a bank and provide a down payment. Some buyers will pay cash but most buyers don’t have a lot of money laying around.

One method of creative real estate investing is an option. This is when the property is being sold to a buyer at a specified price or strike price during a certain period of time. The owner will sell the buyer an option before a determined date. On the determined date, the buyer can complete the purchase of the option or sell it to another buyer. This will depend on the value of the house. An option is used to buy a house with little cash.

The sandwich lease is a method of creative real estate investing that occurs when a tenant wants to leave their unit without having the option to leave written into their lease. To get out of their lease, the investor would find a replacement tenant who becomes their tenant and not the landlord’s tenant. The replacement will pay the rent to the investor who pays the landlord and keeps the profit. The new tenant will contact the landlord if they have problems with the unit. At the end of the lease, they will notify the landlord and not the investor. Their next lease will make them a tenant of the landlord.

A wholesale is when an investor buys large quantities of real estate from the bank and sells them quickly for a small profit. Distressed buyers will make a deal with the bank who will sell to the wholesalers. After buying the house from the bank, the wholesaler can make a quick profit by selling the house at markup.

A tax lien or deed is when the state sells a property after the taxes have not been paid. The owners of the property are given a certain period of time to pay their taxes. If the taxes are not paid in this time, the state will sell the home. Some states sell the tax lien at an auction. Depending on the state, the investor can obtain the property for the amount that is owed. Some states will start the auction at that price. The investor will own the property free and clear. Other states will sell the deed at a public sale. The investor can still get a great price and many have the convenience of buying the properties online.

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