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Credit Repair after a Bankruptcy – Yes, it IS Necessary! (And it can be FREE too!)

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

A lot of people assume that after going through a bankruptcy, all the items that were included in the bankruptcy will be automatically wiped off their credit reports. Many people are even told this misinformation by their own bankruptcy attorneys. “You don’t need to write any credit repair letters. Those things will go away on their own once the bankruptcy is over.” Wrong!

In the vast majority of cases, the accounts that were included in your bankruptcy will still report long after the bankruptcy goes through. People get a false sense of security from the faulty legal advice they are offered, and that is a sad reality in deed. These people need to be re-informed. They cannot sit back and wait for their credit to clean itself up.

The fact is that you do need to do credit repair even after your bankruptcy is through. But don’t rush out and hire an expensive CreditRepair company to do your credit report disputing for you. They can’t do anything for you that you can’t do for yourself, and you can do it for free!

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission recommends self credit repair over any company, service, or software that’s available. Look over the FTC’s consumer facts provided on their website to see that disputing your own accounts is what the FTC calls the best credit repair strategy.

If you’ve just gone through a bankruptcy, you will know which items were included in it. Get a current copy of your credit report and review it carefully. If any of those accounts are still reporting balances even after the bankruptcy, you need to create credit dispute letters to the reporting credit bureaus. You can find samples of credit repair letters available on many online sites. I like the one provided by the Federal Trade Commission myself, but there are many others that will work too. Just customize the letter to your specific accounts. Be sure to also send along any documentation that proves that the account is inaccurate. The company reporting the account has a legal responsibility to get it taken care of. Your credit repair letter will help ensure they do.

Matthew Wierzbinski is the owner of http://CreditBlossom.com, which offers both written and video instructions on how to repair your own credit. It also offers the public free use of its amazing credit repair letter generating tool, the free and easy Credit Repair Letter Wiz™, which can be found at http://creditblossom.com/Content/LetterGeneratingTool.aspx.

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