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Credit Repair after Bankruptcy – You Don’t Need a Credit Repair Company to Do It For You!

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Unfortunately the information you are going to get from news sources about credit repair is not entirely helpful to people. The ones I have seen only tell you that you can repair your credit and that you probably ought to consult a credit repair company. They also typically talk about someone who has repaired their credit and what their situation was.

Repairing credit after a bankruptcy is probably the easiest situation a person could find themselves in for credit repair. Here is why. If you have gone bankrupt, and the bankruptcy has been discharged, you don’t owe anyone anything anymore. (Unless there are some debts you opted to keep out of the bankruptcy.) It too often happens that after a bankruptcy, your credit report will not update correctly. There will still be accounts with balances on them on your report even though the debt has been fully discharged. This is very common. In fact, a lot of your accounts will probably be like this.

Typically, if you send out one ‘wave’ of credit dispute letters, the problem will get resolved. The reason is simple. These creditors have nothing to collect from you anymore. Why would they confirm a debt that has been discharged in a bankruptcy? Do you really need a credit repair company to do this for you? You probably do not, unless you just don’t have the time to do the simple self credit repair involved. However, even if you work with a credit repair company, you are still going to have to put in a fair bit of effort.

The work the credit repair company does is actually quite minimal since they use credit repair software to produce all your credit repair letters. This kind of software is available to the public even for free on some credit repair web sites. There are also versions of it that can cost anywhere from $29 – $99. This software is designed to simply process data that you enter to make your credit repair letters. It isn’t ‘magic’ or anything like that! You put in the data; it spits out your letters. It’s exactly the technology used by credit repair companies. They may know a bit more than you will, but with a little research and reading online, you will probably know as much as half of the people working in the credit repair industry.

If you’re interested in finding credit repair software that is simple, effective, and absolutely free to the public, you can access it, along with video tutorials explaining how to use it, visit http://www.creditblossom.com.

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