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Did You Receive An Eviction Notice? Don’t Do Anything Until You Read This.

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Recently, Monique had the following question about an Eviction Process:

“I have six months not paying my mortgage, and I am worried about it. My question is if the sheriff can take me out with my family anytime now?”

Answer: It will depend in your state. Some states are under a Judicial foreclosure and others under a Non-Judicial foreclosure system. You may want to understand the Foreclosure Process and the Eviction Laws of your state. Look at foreclosurelaw.org

First of all, check the following points that are very common in a FORECLOSURE PROCESS for many states, although every state use to change the names for each one:

1. In Default.- (30 to 90 days late)

2.- NOTICE OF DEFAULT: At 90 days without making a mortgage payment, you will receive from your lender a notification called in many states as Notice of Default. It will say that your lender will send your home for sale if you don?t pay what you owe.

3.- NOTICE OF SALE: Generally at 120 days late on your mortgage, a Notice of Sale will arrive at your home from a lawyer or a trustee telling you what day and what place will be the auction of your home. You still have the option to negotiate your situation.

4.- FORECLOSURE: After receiving the Notice of Sale your home will be sold in a public auction from two to eighteen months later, depending in your state. This entire period any homeowner can legally continue living into the property without making payments.

5.- PERIOD OF REINSTATEMENT: If your house was foreclosed, you still have a chance to find a loan to buy this property again. For this intention, many states allow you to have a Reinstatement Period on which you can also stay making no payments covered by law. NON-JUDICIAL system states dont have this rule.

6.- EVICTION: Following the foreclosure sale, or the end of the reinstatement period, you will be reached by the new title-holder of the property asking you to leave the property. If the property was bought back by the same lender, they may give you some money to leave the property clean and in good condition (this is called Cash for Key). If you don’t leave, after 30 or 45 days they can start an EVICTION PROCESS AT COURT. The Judge will send you an EVICTION NOTICE including the date when you must leave. If you dont leave that day, the sheriff will go to the property to take you out and change the locks. If they lock the doors with your belongings inside, you cannot take them out anymore.

Don’t forget you have legal rights. Homeowners can stay rent free into their home until receiving an official notice from court. See your eviction laws.


There are a lot of states allowing homeowners to stay into the property up 18 months without making payments to their mortgage. You need to check the laws of your state.


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