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Discovering Who Invented The Sash Window Is Probably Not Feasible

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Who invented the sash window? That is a good question. Originally they were believed to have been invented in the late 17th century in Holland. More recent research indicates that they may have been invented in England earlier than the 17th century. Another suggestion is that it was Britain who invented them during the mid 1600’s.

With all these theories we may never uncover the truth about the invention of the sash windows. W. Horman wrote a book in 1519 where he described a window with ‘levys going up and down’. That definitely sounds like a sash window. In 1676 at Chatsworth they were use conspicuously. The Banqueting House at Whitehall had its original casements replaced with these windows in 1685.

As early as the 1200’s there may be evidence that they were used in Europe. During the French Revolution improved versions of the windows began to arrive from France to England. ‘Sash’ is derived from the French word ‘chassis’ which means frame.

England is believed to have invented the first weighted and balanced sash windows. Whether or not they were invented there they definitely found their calling with its moist, mild weather. They are less likely to rot than other window types and can be just slightly opened which suits those climate conditions.

These windows soon became very popular with the upper class throughout Britain. Windows that were originally installed in the 18th century are still in working condition. During the Georgian period the upper and lower frames were designed to both be movable. This was also the time that the ‘six over six’ pane formation became popular and the norm in most houses.

During the Victorian era these windows became an integral part of a building’s design. The craftsmanship of those times was impeccable. Sash windows have survived 250 years. They are slowly on the decline in England though due to the cost of producing them. The new plastic windows are cheaper but will need to be replaced every 20 years or so. During their peak a sash window would only need the cord replaced after twenty years.

While the answer to the question of who invented the sash window may never be clear we do know that those windows are a wonderful addition to your home. They give it a touch of class as was known in the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods. Their classic style will not go out of style. Even with the plastic windows they still try to make them look like the original sash style.

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