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Do It Yourself Credit Repair Letters – Five Simple Tips

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

Do it yourself credit repair letters are available all over the web. These are free to anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. The very fact that you are reading this proves that you definitely qualify because you are already doing your homework. You’ll need to learn the process. You don’t need a formal education to do this. You just need to know how to read and write and how to either get a free copy of your credit report or you could buy one. You will also need some time for this. The process is not terribly complex, but it takes a little effort to get all your ducks in a row and get this done.

You have to have a few things on hand before you can produce do it yourself credit repair letters:

1. A copy of your credit report. (You will have a better sense of the results you are getting if you see what credit score you are starting at out.)

2. Enough paper to create your credit dispute letters on, and sufficient envelopes to mail them in.

3. A copy of a household bill.

4. Your government issued license with the address that matches your current address. (If you recently moved, you need to update your DL or ID.) If you have no DL, a state ID will work too.

5. Your social security card is also necessary.

Your credit report is necessary because you need to review it to figure out what do it yourself credit repair letters you will need to make. This is really not an option. The paper and envelopes are not optional either. You cannot do this via email.

The three last items are very important. When you mail the credit dispute letters, you have to send sufficient identification along with them so the credit reporting agencies will know that it is definitely you sending the credit dispute letters. Your DL, the utility bill and your social security card make up the identification that the credit reporting agencies need to see. You will take them and copy them onto a single sheet of paper, which you will enclose with each letter. Every letter needs to be sent in a separate envelope.

Don’t risk letting your credit repair letters get thrown away by the credit bureaus. Following these simple steps will help ensure that your letters get the attention they deserve.

To make sure your credit repair letters get created correctly and quickly–and for FREE–use the Credit Repair Letter Wiz™,  at http://creditblossom.com/Content/LetterGeneratingTool.aspx .

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