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Energy Star Rated New Construction: the Real Green Choice

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Today’s new home construction projects, such as new home developments on Long Island, now offer the “green” choice: Energy Star rated new houses. Energy Star new construction houses are new houses that meet certain strict government criteria for energy efficiency.

To be considered an Energy Star efficient new house, these new homes must meet these guidelines set by the government at www.energystar.gov:

1. Efficient Insulation 2. High-Performance Windows 3. Air Tight Construction 4. Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment 5. Energy Efficient Appliances 6. Third-Party Validation

What precisely is an Energy Star rating and how is it the green choice?

We’ll talk about green choices. Unfortunately, this concept is thrown around so often that people claim many products are “green” just because they cause less harm to the environment than another product. When we talk about green, we’re talking a major reduction of contaminants or a positive conservation of energy.

With homes, the main green impact is energy savings. Electricity and heat can be conserved in many ways, reducing the requirements for fossil fuels. Electricity, while clean when used, still needs to be produced. Most often, it is produced by coal or other fossil fuels with tremendous negative environmental impact. By cutting the electric demand, you can help reduce the amount of fossil fuel that needs to be consumed. By doing certain things in your new home, you can greatly reduce the electric demand.

First, you want to take advantage of high quality insulation in new construction. Use enough insulation to adequately protect your house from the outside elements. Ideally, you should insulate your walls, attic, floors and basement to help maintain an even inside temperature. The steadier the inside temperature, the less often your heat will kick on, using energy to stabilize the temperature.

Next, consider your windows. With new homes, you can use higher efficiency windows that reduce breezes, insulate outside cold temperatures and help block out ultraviolet light (which can fade fabrics, paint and carpets, requiring you to replace them sooner).

Solid construction is critical. Small gaps can create significant air flow points that can allow heat to escape in the winter and air conditioning to escape in the summer. When this happens, your heating and cooling systems need to work doubly hard to compensate. Fixing these leaks will significantly reduce your energy costs. With new construction, tight and solid construction, especially around external pipes and duct work, you will have a major savings.

Finally, as you choose a builder, for example www.EmmyHomes.com on Long Island, be sure the homes have a verified Energy Start certification. This protects you to make sure that you receive the energy benefits that you expect from your new construction.

Craig Axelrod is one of the senior developers with Emmy Homes. Emmy is one of LI’s top real estate builders. Emmy’s Commack real estate features new construction in Commack. Visit EmmyHomes.com for details.

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