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Every Landlord Should Be Familiar With The Eviction Notice Process

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

No matter how decent your potential tenant may seem, there is a chance that they may do something while renting your property that gives you grounds to evict them. This is why, when drawing up your tenancy agreement, you should include any possible causes for eviction. You also need to know how the Eviction Notice process works.

Some typical examples of reasons for eviction are: not paying rent on time, damaging the property, or disturbing the peace. If you feel that you would like to include any other possible reasons for eviction, you are entitled to list as many items as you like. The more you cover yourself, the better.

If your tenancy agreement has clearly itemized any reasons for eviction, then the eviction process should be quite simple. The first step is to have a notice drawn up stating your intention to evict the renter. Include an eviction date in the document.

If the renter has caused any damage to your property, or owes you rental, include these details in the eviction notice. When the notice has been correctly prepared, it must be personally handed to your tenant. The tenant must sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

If you don’t feel comfortable about handing the notice to the renter yourself, you can post it certified mail. This will guarantee that the renter has received it because it will not be given to him or her unless she or he signs for the document. A third option would be to ask a law enforcement officer to deliver the notice on your behalf.

Should the renter decide to contest the notice of eviction, you will then need to fight the matter out in court. If you win the case it would be a good idea to have a police officer present when the renter is vacating the property. This will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Always make sure that the rental agreement contains precise details of any violations by the renter that will give you grounds for eviction. The eviction notice process is relatively simple as long as you follow the correct procedures. More info now on http://www.landlordangel.co.uk/

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