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Exploring The Origins Of The Sash Window In England

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

The origins of the sash window are generally thought to be in England, since there the earliest examples were seen in elegant houses. Windows, designed to let in light while shutting out the elements, were formerly fixed panels or casement windows, which were hinged at the sides, pushed outward to open and pulled in and latched to close.

This style, a major innovation that differed greatly from earlier casement windows, is generally credited to a a major scientist and inventor, Robert Hooke. Hooke was an industrious man who coined the term ‘cell’ for the living units of biology he observed with a homemade microscope, discovered many principles of the law of gravity, designed some of London’s most historic buildings, and surveyed much of London after the Great Fire of 1666. He also studied the properties of glass and invented a balance spring which allowed for the watch to be created.

It is easy to match the sash window with the interests of this industrious man, who was very influential in the rebuilding of London after the Great fire of 1666 and was also the architect of some principal buildings. This style consists of one or more movable panels, with a weight, cord, and pulley system to defy the pull of gravity, and a framework of muntins, or wooden strips, to allow small panes of glass to be united in a panel, or sash.

One of the earliest known houses to install the innovative designs was the Ham house, an ancestral home updated in the 1670s by the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale. This property has been owned by the National Trust since 1948 and used in many films.

Repairing these old windows is an option that many choose, since a handy homeowner with simple tools and a vast amount of patience can do the job. Others wish to retain as much of the original structure as possible when renovating an historic property. Replacement is an option as well, as many reproduction windows are manufactures out of traditional materials, and custom woodworking mills can make exact replicas of old designs.

Wooden windows may be repaired; the work is time consuming and requires some expertise and certain tools to take the sashes from the frame and examine and replace such things as stops, cords, corroded pulleys, and missing weights. Many homeowners repair their own windows, while others resort to propping them open with sticks and stuffing the cracks with folded paper to stop rattles. Full replacement is an option, as well.

The origins of the sash window are not certain, but its evolution is easily traced by the architecture that has used this style down the centuries.

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