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Todays Date: November 12, 2018

When people think about living on a budget in retirement, they usually think about having to sacrifice necessities. Although this does not have to be how it is at all. There can actually be a lot of enjoyment in being frugal.

The current state of the economy has many of us changing the our vision of the future, especially if we are nearing retirement age. We have seen big hits to our investment accounts…some are saying “I can’t afford to retire now”…Really?

You can also have fun and live a cheap lifestyle. What about moving to a mobile home park? These can be either seasonal or year-round residences.

But is this really an economical alternative? You should be able to purchase a pre-owned mobile home for between $15,000 to $20,000, including furnishings. You can buy a new unit for $25,000 and up. Consider what you might get if you attempted to purchase a traditional home with that budget. You’d probably be looking at a shed, or worse yet, a dog house.

How is park model mobile home living a fun lifestyle? Mesa, Arizona is the park model mobile home central and we live in the Phoenix area about an hour drive away. You are able to select from many different communities in Mesa, Arizona. Some are small at only 100 homes, but some are large, exceeded 2,000 homes. A couple even include their own private golf courses.

You will find that they have lists that are longer than your arms of activities that they offer. Craft rooms, clubhouses and classes offer fun activities for those older than 55. People living there are always having a lot of fun and the only tough decision they have to make is which activity to do each day.

It is possible to have fun and be frugal when living in cheap retirement. Do not give up on retirement until you explore all the options. At a price that anybody is able to afford, living in a park model mobile home can be more fun then you could have imagined. Have fun.

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