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Genuine Estate Investor Insider Commands #12: Mailing Your Succeeding Postcard

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Wording. Sometimes just a little bit of a change in the way you phrase your message can make a big difference in how people respond to it. To show you what I mean, go back to the title of this article, “When You Mail Your Next Postcard.” Notice that I didn’t say “If you mail a postcard.” I’m presuming that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

For example, instead of writing, “In case you are interested, please visit the website so you can register and download” Why not just write, “when you visit our website, register and download” The second sentence already affirms the desired action you want them to take-to register and download. But notice that in the first sentence, you are still asking them to consider whether your offer is interesting or not.

So write your real estate postcard marketing message as if your prospect has already decided to use your services. Be positive!

I know, you might think you are being too forward. However, writing positively in your real estate direct mail can increase your response rate. Why not test this idea?

Some real estate marketing experts advise that writing positively should be practiced by real estate investors consistently. So write as if, your prospect will not be able to receive a better offer than yours.

Another message in your real estate direct mail that you can reframe positively is the introduction to the contract terms. Write as if the prospect has already decided on signing a contract with you.

The whole process is called “subliminal” writing. This method of writing can be compared to planting a seed in the mind of your audience that eventually germinates into the idea of using your real estate investment service. When (notice the wording!) you do this, your response rate will increase. Guaranteed!

If you doubt me on this, just take the direct-mail material you have lying around your house. Take out a highlighter. Now read through at least one advertisement, preferably two or three. Whenever you come across such language as “when” “without a doubt” or any other phrase that “assumes” the outcome the marketing desires, highlight it.

This method is sometimes referred to as ‘subliminal marketing.’ Check out your leading competitor’s real estate direct marketing materials and underscore the words that are working to shape the readers’ mind into already having agreed to the investor’s proposal.

So when creating your real estate direct marketing materials, try to reframe your content positively. Get your prospects thought processes ready to act on the call to action written in your real estate direct mail!

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