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Each video camera to monitor the Administrative Service Center details

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Into the control room on the third floor in the Center, monitor the entire wall surface covered with large and small, people can move the center of every glance. 

People can look so clear, thanks to the 84 video surveillance cameras throughout the Center, upstairs downstairs, they are free to rotate 360 degrees, adjusting the monitor angle, easy to monitor every detail, you can open the video function, save time for up to 3 months. 

People through timely supervisory approval business electronic monitoring system can also handle State, in accordance with commitment to set the time limit period, early warning automatically expires the same day, extended yellow 1 day error correction indicator red error correction signal from the signal, extending over 2 days, supervise the processing. 

An electronic surveillance system, allowing supervisory personnel by a past passive monitoring active supervision (spy clock camera), supervision after the immediate authority, to local authority to the stage of all-round supervision, monitoring can be traced back to the full authority to monitor changes.    In the power sector while accepting business, not subject to supervision by the masses and complaints. Room monitoring according to investigate complaints registration–accepted–results–tight workflow processing-file archive, take every complaint seriously, and make a summary analysis, give effective recommendations to avoid similar issues recurring.

Site supervision, and electronic supervision, and accepted complaints, Hainan monitored Hall residency monitored room through supervision way of innovation, established sound has restricting effective of power run mechanism, to Chief open as masses implementation democratic supervision rights of important channels (spy gadgets for kids), relies on masses and social forces on administrative organs and civil service of administrative behavior for supervision, prevent power runaway, and behavior of lost fan, from source Shang prevention and governance has corruption. from: clock spy camera

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