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Getting rid of Pigeons is not so easy!

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Get rid of Pigeons

It is funny how people try to get rid of pigeons when, at one time they were man’s biggest asset. In ancient times, when phones and post didn’t exist, people use to tie messages to pigeon’s legs and use them to deliver messages to other people. In fact it is said that pigeons were once studied by Charles Darwin, for this theory of evolution. These birds were also credited with carrying vital communications during the times of the World War II and have helped save millions of lives by carrying messages from people stuck in remote areas like mountain tops and deserts.
Unfortunately for all, these onetime messengers and pets have tuned wild and have many a people wondering how to get rid of pigeons. They are hated to the extent that people would want to kill them but killing birds is illegal in many countries, that is why people want to solve their pigeon problems in a more humane way without having to kill each individual bird.
One of the prime reasons for most of the people to be singing pigeon be gone is that these birds happen to like to use cars as poop targets. After all nobody wants to get up early morning, in a hurry to go to the office only to find that their cars are covered with pigeon poop. And if you think about it that definitely is one time when you really want to scream you head off at these pesky birds.
Another complainant looking for easy ways to get rid of pigeons is the early morning jogger. People get up early morning and leave home empty stomach to get some exercise and energize their bodies with fresh air but what they are greeted with is the terrible smell of pigeon poop all over the walkways on the road and the jogging paths in the park. Pigeon problems don’t end there. Several morning joggers have slipped on pigeon poop and hurt themselves severely.
In a battle against pigeons, and hoping for pigeons to be gone, the Mayor of London has forbidden anyone from feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar square and other pigeon prone areas in London. He is hoping that in the hope to get food these birds will move to other areas, but this plan seems to be slow, almost as if the pigeons themselves were to say that getting rid of us pigeons is not too easy!

Sansarsnv says getting rid of pigeons without killing them is not an easy task and PigeonFree.com is the one and only way to resolve pigeon problems in a safe and humane way. Just visit www.pigeonfree.com and buy their CD and after playing that you will find that all Pigeon be gone

How to get rid of Pigeons

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