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The Basic Process of Steel Metal Fabrication

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

Sheet metal fabrication is a name given to the process of bending, cutting and assembling of metals. One of the steps in fabrication is cutting. This is usually done either by sawing or shearing. Chiseling is also one of the ways through which the sheet meal can be fabricated. Plasma torches are also very good equipment which can be used in cutting metal.

Bending is another process which involves hammering or using press brakes. Assembling on the other hand involves welding and binding using adhesives and fasteners. This process requires both human effort and automation for it to be effectively and promptly completed. However, there are processes that require complete automation and little to no human intervention is experienced. An example is the mechanical automation which has various options.

Steel is the most commonly fabricated raw material and stainless steel fabrication is the one that is most commonly known. The most commonly used raw materials include welding wire, fittings, castings, hardware, expanded metal and plate metal. These raw materials first have to be cut into the appropriate size before anything else is done on them. There are several tools that help the manufacturers in doing this. One of them is band saws, though cutting torches are preferred because they can cut through steel with ease.

After cutting, the metal has to be burned with the help of various technologies. One of the most common is burn tables which use CNC cutting torches and which are powered by gas. However, there are also cutting tables that are powered by plasma, water jets and laser. There are some tables that have CNC punch abilities, though these are quite expensive.

Forming is the next method in sheet metal fabrication and it is mostly done with the help of hydraulic brake presses. Machining is the next step in the process, after which the metal will be taken trough the welding process. This is actually the main focus of the fabrication process. The pieces are assembled and welded firmly into places. They are re-checked after some time in order to ensure that accuracy has been maintained. However, the individual should be careful in order to ensure that warping does not occur.

Finally, the well-meant is left to cool down before it is finally assembled. The finished product is taken through the inspection process in order to ascertain its quality. It is then shipped to various destinations across the world where it will be used.

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