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Understanding Color Language For Commercial Painting

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Painting of commercial buildings is an integral part of the budget of construction. The color has a great impact on the functioning of business. First, because it attracts the attention of customers and it gives a better satisfaction to the workers by providing a nice working place. This is not the sole criteria for employee satisfaction but better working place is an important thing for them. Apart from this a well organized building is really an asset, not only for the owner but also to the large neighborhood.

Factors affecting choice of color in commercial painting

There are some prominent factors that determine the choice of color for commercial painting. There is no hard and fast rule but many colors have somehow become definitive for some businesses. There has been the development of branding of color trend as well.

The choice of colors shows variance from place to place or country to country for even the same type of commercial building. Over all the major factors affecting the color choice are the types of businesses, community, geographic region etc.

Business or commercial buildings has to have different color associations to look different then the residential ones. The color also varies from business to business. It is quite evident and you may see a clear distinction between the colors of hospitals and a restaurant. You need to be very cautious while choosing the color for your building because it will have an impact on the functioning of the business.

The most beautiful thing with the colors used in commercial painting is that these vary with the demography of the customers as well. This gives the evident dynamism to the use of colors. If the type of business was the sole criteria in the choice of colors then every business might have had chosen some fixed color base.

Since there are other factors as well so the variance within the same business line as well. Three shops selling clothes for children, females and elderly people respectively should support different colors.

The choice of colors for commercial buildings show variations from one country to another and also shows differences on community lines as well. People from different beliefs look at colors differently and support a particular color for their business on the basis of their beliefs, traditions etc.

Colors do speak. Don’t they?

For the general mass, the colors show somewhat similarity in the way people look at these. For instance, White has been the symbol of purity and it is same everywhere. Painting contractors help you determine and choose the most suitable color because they are experienced in the same. Let us understand what different colors speak and how painters generally look at these.

1.Green color specifies calmness and peace. That is why light green colors are used in clinics. This color combined with light brown promotes feeling of spacious and thus are a common for larger buildings. It also denotes environment and are commonly used in buildings to promote the same.

2.Brighter colors like red, yellow, orange depict dynamism. These colors are used as such but in combination of other colors and are mostly used in food associations and trendy showrooms.

3.White, pink, violet, gray, brown etc are more accent colors, depicting traditions and honesty etc. For example, light pink is commonly used at the resort places.

4.Blue colors suggest and promote cleanliness and restfulness, used mainly in traditional businesses. These are however, being replaced by brown color.

You may choose any color on the basis of above guidelines

Commercial painting is an integral part of construction of commercial building. For better feeling and attraction of customers, it is important that the commercial building is painted to perfection.

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