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Homecare 101: On The Importance Of Regular Gutter Cleaning And Care

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

When you own a home, you have a lot more responsibilities. The lawn, the mortgage, the bills, home owner insurance, property tax etc… Just don’t forget the little things about maintaining your home: Trimming the hedges, repainting and of course, the importance of regular gutter cleaning.

It’s easy to forget, especially when it hasn’t rained in awhile, but cleaning your rain gutters is absolutely important. It’s a gross task, involving scooping out handfuls of yucky leaves and gunk, but it may keep your roof from caving in one day!

So here’s what you want to keep in mind…

Clean Them Regularly

Do NOT wait for the rainy season! By the time water hits your roof, it’s too late. You want to keep them clean so that they don’t get clogged, not because they DID get clogged! You want to get out the ladder and give your gutters a once over at least once a month. Even if you don’t have to clean them that often, you do want to check them at least once a month.

Try Some Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are basically shields for your gutters, they keep them from getting TOO filled up with junk. You’ll still have to clean them out regularly, but you won’t have to scoop out quite as much junk. Definitely recommended. Consider them to be an investment, as they might just save your gutters on that one month when you get lazy and forget to check them!

Clean Them Right

Well… You get up there with a ladder and gloves and scoop that junk out with your hands. This is why it’s preferable to do it before it rains, so you won’t be scooping out mildew and soil. Dry leaves are easy to scoop out in a handful, wet gunk is a little trickier. So keep your ladder and gloves handy, and you can either bring a garbage bag with you or toss it to the ground and pick it up when you’re done.

Have the Boy Do It!

It’s a rite of passage for young men: Go clean the rain gutters do dad doesn’t have to! If you have a boy, it’s your right as a father to delineate the task to him! You have three choices here. You can use cleaning the gutters as a form of punishment when the kid takes the car without asking, you can offer it as a way for your kid to make a little cash here and there, or you can delineate it as one of their regular chores!

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