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Homes in Kuna starting to increase in price again!

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

The reports of the worldwide recession has brought many real estate markets to a sudden halt, include the Kuna real estate market. Though the reports are mixed after several months, there are some positive reports that indicate that the Kuna real estate market may be back on it’s way up.

The perpetual argument rages between hopefull market watchers, and those not so hopeful gets ironed out with national price numbers decreasing, the form that the eventual recovery will take is becoming clear. The quick recovery resulting from the public eyesore in downtown high rise development will aid a recovering business district in Boise real estate market.

Kuna is typically one of the good spots for real estate investment as it is closely tied to the Boise real estate market, but has lower prices so it is more affordable to investors. With a limited amount of businesses in Kuna, it has been relegated to a commuter town, which will preserve the values for quite some time.

By far the greatest amount of real estate activity in the Kuna real estate market is the subdivision known as Silertip on the south side of the tracks. Silvertip reportedly sold 33 of 53 lots in just 4 months. This flurry of activity is related to the Federal government authorizing the $8000 first time home buyers tax rebate last year.

The ripple this nice increase in business will cause has even effected the Boise real estate market in positive way. For the first time in a long time the Kuna real estate market is leading the entire Treasure Valley in appreciation.

With government regulations changing to create more favorable market conditions the Boise real estate market will begin to appreciate once again. As foreclosed homes dampen all hopes of a rapid turn around, the people living in the vacinity are bound to see what is coming. Their options seem pretty limited and the local job market limits options for many homeowners.

If they have a reliable job, then leaving may not be an option and if they don’t then keeping their home not be either. The local real estate news states that Boise has an 8 year supply of residential lots waiting in the inventory of local hard money lenders that have foreclosed on subdivisions that couldn’t make it in the current economic crisis.

The boon for home buyers and investors too, is that the prices and appreciation should remain consistent and modest for at least a few years. That means appraisals will be easier and many of the other aspects of purchasing and selling will be more reliable.

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