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Houjie town – clearly leading industries by structural optimization

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

“To promote transformation and upgrading of processing trade, is the important deployment of provincial and municipal work, is the inevitable law of development of industry and the requirements of their own.” Hou Jie Town Mayor Chen Zhongqiu talked about restructuring way of processing trade, rather emotional, after all, just go out from the storm eye, every step of Houjie development is concerned, it is not easy to go.

Since May 2008, Hou Jie as the characteristics of being industrial transformation and upgrading pilot town of Dongguan, the transformation and upgrading of processing trade show encouraging trends. Foreign trade and economic indicators of the town in 2010 highlights the double-digit growth, industrial production is beyond the pre-crisis levels with the rapid growth. The first three quarters of this year, the town completed GDP of 2.2 billion dollars, up 14.7%; industrial output value of 5 billion dollars, up 42.4%; actually utilized foreign investment 120 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 29.19%; the towns total foreign trade 574 million U.S. dollars, up 31.3%.

Transformation and upgrading of processing trade in Houjie, reflected in the structure optimization, and what’s the specific performance?

Transformation and upgrading of processing trade in Houjie, reflected in the structure optimization, and what’s the specific performance?

Should be reflected in three main areas, first, industrial structure optimization, in Houjie Town, with the further adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, and further policy guidance, the further improvement of research and development capabilities of high value-added and high-tech products, and the further development of international brand, industrial integration and support services in place and the system improvement; Second, the enterprise structure optimization, since 2008, Hou Jie Town accelerate the development of forms of enterprises from the “workshop” to “corporate headquarters” of the strategic change, actively guide the processing enterprises from “unincorporated enterprises” to “corporate enterprise” change, to promote changes in 76 processing enterprises, the town has a strong momentum in foreign-funded enterprises in transition. Third, Houjie Town actively develop domestic and overseas market, the use of two resources at home and abroad, and continuously improve the level of opening up, under the pulling of the open economy system, the trade structure further enhanced. Continuous optimization of the structure of foreign trade, corporate trade grows, to achieve the scale, structure, quality and efficiency simultaneously increased.

In the gradual optimization of the industrial structure, whether Houjie town’s leading industries gradually emerged?

Yes, by the end of September this year, Houjie Town has 539 foreign-funded enterprises in total, investment of $ 214.404 million (China trade). Which mainly related to electronics, footwear, furniture, plastics, textiles, clothing, hardware and other industries, including 126 mechanical and electrical industry, accounting for 23.38%, a total investment of $ 106.904 million, accounting for 49.88%. electromechanical industry and footwear industry accounted for 49.17% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises in Houjie Town, accounting for 63.90% of total foreign investment, accounted for 88.17% of total exports, it is certain that, electromechanical industry and footwear industry has become the leading industry of industry-based economy in Houjie town (china electronics).

Industry chain is the core strengths of the regional economic competition in Houjie, the industry chain of the leading industry is gradual clearly optimized.from: wholesale electronics

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