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How Life Changing Events Can Affect Home Ownership

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Trying to save money by not hiring a real estate agent is not always a good idea. Sometimes things happen in life that just makes more sense to get some help with the sale of the home.

These life changing events may require you sell your home but due to emotional or physical reasons just make more sense to hire an agent.

Divorce – So you and your spouse have separated and you need to sell the house. Divorce is very emotional and takes a toll on both parties involved. Trying to sell on your home could just cause more problems and cause more problems and disagreements.

Death – If you just lost a spouse or parent, trying to sell on your own will likely be stressful. You will have a lot of things to do with the estate, life insurance, banks, bills, etc and to add trying to sell the family home could be very burdensome.

Employment Change – As your career progresses, you may be offered a promotion that will require you to move. If your spouse is planning to stay behind until the home sells that’s great, but do you really want to put all that pressure on them as they are packing and trying to get moved? Hire a real estate agent to make things go smoothly.

Work Hours – If you have a high pressure job that requires you to work long hours, leave at a moments notice due to being on call, or are routinely on business trips it will just be easier to hire a real estate agent.

Illness – You will likely need to hire a real estate agent if you or your spouse has been diagnosed with a severe illness or is out of work due to a career threatening injury and you need to move to a smaller home.

Secondary Home – If the home you are selling is a secondary home and is located in an area where you do not normally live. You should hire a real estate agent to sell the home in your absence.

In Closing

These are just a few of the major life events that would make it beneficial to hire a real estate agent. There are others and you should really evaluate your situation when you go to sell.

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