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How to cut down costs by hiring virtual assistant and outsourcing

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

Hiring a virtual assistant and an outsourcing company is one of the most economical steps that anyone can do today. The advent of remote assistance has been around only for a short time and yet its impact on the global market is steadily increasing as time goes by.There are even some analysts that predict a growth of more than 12% in the next 4 years, something which a lot of digital nomads are hoping for.

The virtual assistants are digital nomads; they have their lap tops which they can bring around with them, even to Starbuck’s if they want to. They can just log into the high speed internet and start their morning with a great cup of coffee and a plateful of good breakfast.

These nomads do several tasks for different people who have different needs. Do not think that they are just fly-by-night individuals who wish to con others. These are actually highly educated and skilled people who work for their businesses by providing services for others. They work on a contractual basis and they finish their tasks with speed and efficiency. They have to so they could keep track of their clients, keep them satisfied and get referrals for more work.

They work on a strict schedule, they are given tasks which the company assigns them and they complete them within the specified time allotted. If they do any overtime to complete the tasks, they never ask for overtime pay, they have set fees and what is agreed upon is what is paid. They do not even bother to ask for payment if their work is not accepted or are denied.

These individuals can provide a lot of help; they can be article writers, ghost writers, web developers, even web designers. And they can do these from either the comforts of their homes or from the comforts of a café seat while talking with friends and acquaintances, seemingly doing nothing, but actually doing everything they are qualified to do to help a company grow.

Because they are contractual, they cannot expect any company to pay for leaves, absences, sick leaves, even day offs. They do not even get to expect any bonuses unless you give them one. Their contract state that they get paid for a specific job and get paid upon completion. They do these so they can work at their own pace and it is advantageous for companies and small businesses because they get to save a lot of money.

virtual assistant services means an extension of your office.An attitude for great customer service produces an output similar to what your input would do. Our target is providing quality service with a personalized approach.The service is provided aiming at “customer delight.”

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