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How To Increase The Sale Of Your Home With A Granite Countertop.

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Think about the last time you toured a model home ? it is very likely that a granite countertop installation was prominently featured. And it was probably one of the top reasons that you loved that house. A granite countertop is a showstopper. It gets potential buyers to linger, and picture themselves entertaining guests and feeling like a millionaire.

A granite countertop inspires emotion. Iridescent gold, silver and quartz might mix with a jade green, sapphire blue or midnight black. Or maybe you?re looking at a surface that reminds you of the face of a waterfall on a recent hike. Patterns great and small. There are truly few things in the world that can approach the beauty and uniqueness granite can possess.

If you?re thinking about a granite countertop for the kitchen, durability is always a prime consideration. Busy moms and gourmet cooks alike can abuse them without thinking about it. Chopping nuts. Boning a steak. Pulling a hot pan out of the oven. It happens every day! A granite countertop is one of the most durable surfaces out there, but it must be sealed to protect against reactions with certain types of foods and chemicals.

Which brings us to installation. ?Don?t try this at home!? comes to mind when we are talking about a granite countertop. First of all, it is heavy ? requiring a sturdy base and careful handling. It requires special cutting tools, epoxies and careful measurement, or you?ll end up with an ugly paperweight. And without proper application of sealant, your granite countertop could quickly become a horrifying eyesore.

If you?re thinking that a granite countertop is found is only for the Kobe Bryants and Paris Hiltons of the world, you would be only partially right. Yes, they have interior designers who travel the world looking for the most exotic hunks of rock in the world, but there is an incredible variety of gorgeous granite that is available at some pretty down-to-earth prices. In addition, its popularity has given rise to more and more well-equipped processors that turn out high quality product with minimal labor.

Whether you are shopping at the affordable level or masterpiece level, a granite countertop adds something palpable to your kitchen. In fact, it has become one of those things that actually adds more value to your home than the cost to put it in. There are precious few opportunities to do that. Whether you want a luxurious, comfortable place to spend most of your time family and friends, or want to try to overcome inertia in cautious and reluctant home shoppers, this beautiful, lavish stone can help you pull it off.

So, if you?ve been sitting on the sidelines, wondering if a granite countertop was in your future, now is probably the time to jump in. Get recommendations for a great installer, and let him or her point you to a great vendor. Your investment in a granite countertop for your kitchen is likely to produce great dividends ? in personal enjoyment, wow-factor for your friends and family, and long term home value.

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