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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Con Artists Posing As Window Cleaners

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Every year millions of dollars are lost to home invasions by burglars or con artists. The growing menace of con men posing as window cleaners and what you can do to ensure your safety are important considerations. This is particularly true to the elderly who experienced a spate of hoaxes from con artists knocking on doors pretending to clean windows.

Deception theft cases are increasing in the UK as well. Elderly victims often found it hard to approach the police and report their ordeals. In the UK some 16,000 deception theft cases were reported in 1998.

Policemen however think that the actual number could be around five times the reported cases because elderly people are fearful for their lives and choose to remain silent. Another reason cited is they do not want their kids to worry and move them to assisted living or home cares.

A number of incidents involve situations where callers used all kinds of excuses just to be able to enter the home and loot the place. When faced with this situation, the most plausible thing to do in cases like this, is to ask for an official ID from the caller before letting him in. If they cannot produce an identification card then call the police so you can have his identity verified.

When confronted with cases like this, you should remain alert and keep your wits about you. If the person insists or tries to persuade you some more, you should listen to what your instincts are telling you. If you smell something fishy about the whole thing, then most likely the callers are fake cleaners. Never open the door immediately and let the strangers in. You should confirm their identity first by calling the window cleaning company they work for before letting them inside your property.

Your door must have a peephole so you can tell who is behind the door. Installing a door chain might not be an effective solution since thieves can easily break it. Refrain from hiding keys outside the door like in a plant box. Thieves can spot the keys easily. You cannot allow them to walk conveniently through your door. These steps could help you avoid the growing menace of con men posing as window cleaners and what you can do to ensure your safety.

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