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How To Sell A House Quickly In New Orleans

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Putting your home on the market is a stressful thing to do. If you don’t sell it fast, you might not get as much as you expected for it. New Orleans real estate is just like any other location. If you haven’t sold it after five weeks, that indicates you might want to lower the price rather than have it sit on the market a long time.

A quick sale is the best way to get your asking price. Do things with the home that you know will appeal to the majority of people looking for a home. Professional advice includes getting a professional realtor to do the job. He or she will get you listed in the Multiple Listing Service. You won’t have to wade through the swamp of minute details on your own when you have a realtor to do it for you.

Don’t be tempted to set the asking price too high. That may scare people off. Use comparisons with other similar properties in the area by finding out how much they sold for. The prices that the properties fetched are the best indication of what you may be able to get.

Before you put your home on the market, take a little time to stage it. There are professionals who make a living providing this service. They will come in for a fee, and tell you the paint colors to use, how to move the furniture around and what features are missing that you can add or compensate for.

You could consider adding a bonus of some kind to speed up the sale. Maybe include window coverings and washer and dryer in addition to kitchen appliances in the total price. It’s cheaper in the long run to sell fast and avoid paying more property taxes than expected.

The situation after Hurricane Katrina might make it hard to gauge home prices when buying New Orleans real estate. Records were swallowed up in the terrible storm. Perhaps you can do a little research by reading newspapers at the library. This seems the logical first place to look for any missing records that may have been salvaged after Katrina. The information will help you decide on your own price.

New Orleans real estate continues to be a good buy, even in today’s depressed housing market. If you want more information about buying or selling a home in the Big Easy, visit the website at http://www.parkwayrealty.com today.+

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