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Is your home inspector certified?

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Home Inspection is an often needed service, especially if you are considering buying a new home. While a home inspection report has become a must-have report before the real estate escrow is closed between the buyer and seller, not many people go into the cause or details of home inspection reports. Why do you need home inspection reports? Is it just for your satisfaction at the time of buying a new home for your family or is there any other tangible benefit out of it?

There is no doubt that a home inspection report is one of the most significant pieces of information document that you should possess before your buy transaction goes through. If done correctly and as per the ASHI standards, it will give you peace of mind and prevent any frauds. However, before going in for home inspection you need to perform some due diligence.

There is no doubt that you need a home inspection company that is backed by certified professionals and governed by the ASHI standards of practice. The question is how do you find such an able home inspector who knows his stuff and can present the right report at the right time. After all, his report forms a crucial basis for your home transaction to go through. Below are a few points that are worthy of your attention before you decide on picking a home inspection company:

a) It is a good idea to check with your family and friends to see if they are in the know of an established home inspection company that works as per the standards laid down by ASHI. If you manage to find one from your known references, you will need to do lesser ground work in validating a home inspection company.

b) Next is that I will look for certification of a home inspector. If he is not certified by the standards’ body then I am not going to risk inspection from an inexperienced home inspector.

c) ASHI has laid down standards for home inspection companies and the standard practices define the process that needs to be followed during home inspection. You need to see that your home inspection campaign follows and adheres to the ASHI standards.

d) Finally, I am going to see for myself an original Home Inspection checklist of the company I wish to hire. The reason is that home inspection comprises of so many subjects that it will be wise to say that one must know what is going to be inspected and what all will form the report of home inspection.

Now, I know that this entire activity will take me a couple of hours, but the time will be well spent in dealing with a certified home inspector that follows the ASHI standards.

Get your homes inspection done as per ASHI standard by a Home Inspection Jacksonville company in Florida. You will be served by the certified Home Inspectors Jacksonville in Florida.

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