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Keeping Good Relationships With Tenants

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Thinking about renting out your home, but afraid of tenants not paying the rent or damaging your property? This is a common fear owners face when they put their homes for rent. To get a quality tenant, the best is to do background checks. But even then, some background checks may not be efficient enough. Problems may arise once the tenant moves in and can sometimes leave you with the hassle of eviction or other legal actions.

To help ease the mind of owners, there are several property management companies that set to help you with your relationship with the tenant. Utah property management such as KeyRenter assists owners in finding high-quality tenants and with needed legal action. KeyRenter is partnered with the national credit bureau, Experian, to offer a 12-point residential screening program. They analyze and present this data to owners for a complete review analysis to help identify and maintain the most qualified tenants.

The Utah property management company, KeyRenter, also handles finances for the owner such as collecting rent and takes quick action if any delinquencies occur. They are also partnered with Utah’s premier legal team to offer fast removal and effective collection if needed. Eviction at rental homes in Utah is uncommon, but if it is needed, Keyrenter is prepared to take action. It is found that when tenants end up in hard times, that they efficiently move out and give advanced notice for them to find new qualified tenants.

Another concern an owner might have is the maintenance issues. It can be a petty thing always being called upon by a tenant when an appliance isn’t working right and that it needs to be replaced. It takes ample time for the owner to check out the problem and hire an expert to fix it to make sure the tenant stays happy. By offering 24-hour/7 days a week emergency maintenance system.

Owners are made aware of the maintenance requirements and pricing quotations prior to starting any work. They are able to provide this service since they staff an in-house licensed, insured, and bonded maintenance team. This saves the owner time and money of figuring out mark-ups, index pricing, retail rates, trip charges, and other similar items.

In order to maintain a good relationship with your tenant, trust is required. Knowing that a tenant passed a detailed background check and having a Utah property management team on your side helps keep the owner-tenant relationship on good terms. KeyRenter is known for its top-notch communication and the ability to avoid misunderstandings between owners and tenants. It is crucial as an owner to have a quality tenant in the home and to not have to worry about what to do when rent isn’t paid or if eviction is needed. When you have a Utah property

KeyRenter assists hundreds of Utah homeowners rent out their homes. As a Utah property management company, KeyRenter handles leasing, management, and accounting for Utah rental homes.

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