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Learn More About Commercial Window Cleaning And The Hazards Invloved

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

Commercial window cleaning will always involve some sort of risk due to the nature of the work so one should understand and assess these risks in full before you sign any contract for window cleaning. It does not matter about the size of the building, be it a large skyscraper or a small residential building, understanding the potential risks will help to ensure that your company provides a service which is not only professional but also safe.

It’s all too apparent that more firms are going out of business as the recession continues to take its toll. By minimizing the risk involved with commercial window cleaning you’ll help to be certain that you are not burdened with any unexpected costs. The following four pointers should be considered in full before giving out a quote to a possible customer.

Liability: Unfortunately, it can occur that accidents happen when cleaning windows. For example an employee may slip and fall off a ladder. This may result in litigation against you. For this reason it would make sense to have employer’s liability insurance to protect you against such risk. The cost of a payout to an employee hurt on the job can often be large and may result in serious problems with overall profitability.

Cracked or broken windows: There is the risk of damage being caused to the windows of the property. The expense of replacing a cracked pane can end up costing more than the profits for the work.

Falling Objects: A professional window cleaner should be aware of any airborne debris or other hazards which may cause injury to themselves or passers by. It’s for this reason that any window cleaner needs to wear adequate safety gear and make sure that no tools or equipment can fall off the platform.

Weather: It is of great importance that a professional window cleaner is aware of the incoming climatic conditions. Heavy rain and strong winds may result in delaying the work for safety reasons.

You should make sure that a full and extensive risk assessment of the property and location is carried out before commencing the work. This needs to include an estimate on the duration of time needed as well as other factors such as accessibility.

If your employees have been trained sufficiently and understand the latest safety and health rules that govern window cleaning then the potential for any untoward situation arising would be reduced greatly.

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