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Look For These Things When Buying REO Properties

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

REO properties are one of the best ways to invest in real estate currently. Banks do not need to, nor do they want to; keep these properties for any longer than they absolutely have to. This is why, REO properties can be had for nearly any reasonable price. Of course, there are many things to consider about these deals.

You should complete a thorough inspection of the property which should include the major structures of the home. The roof, sub flooring, basement, plumbing and wiring will need to be inspected.

Make sure to have a complete title search pertaining to the home. There are some property titles that have tax liens and this tax can be passed on to the new buyer of the property.

Most importantly though you need to know what the property should be bought for and what is worth after repair.

Use REOGoldMiner.com to find the REO deals and InvestorCompsOnline.com to analyze the current market value of the house you want to purchase as well as those of similar properties in the area. You will save time and money if you conduct a little research before you make bids on the properties in question.

So what should you look for to accurately analyze the data for your deals? Compare properties using these primary three items: year built, room count, and square footage. When reviewing the prior sales information, compare your property to houses with those similarities. This will give you the best accessment of what similar houses have been selling for as is and after repair value.

Real estate investing is not just about selling a house and making some money. It will also take research in order to figure out its value and to accurately price the property. By using REOGoldMiner.com and InvestorCompsOnline.com, you will be able to find REO deals all over the nation and to know how to price it for resell.

When looking for REO deals there is only one place to find the deals and analyze their profitablility and thats
REOGoldMiner.com. With help from InvestorCompsOnline.com you can have all the “appraiser secrets for investors” that makes you the smartest investor in your area.

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