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Maintenance Taken Care By Utah Property Management

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Renting your property can be intimidating if you’re not completely sure the usual practices surrounding it. You may need support in all the aspects of renting, from the beginning stages of marketing it to the later stages of maintaining a good relationship with your tenants.

You don’t have to be alone, there are several Utah property management companies whose job is to make sure you have support in getting your place rented out in a timely manner with quality tenants and other needs. For example, KeyRenter provides an owner-tenant agreement contract that is detailed and clear and provides a 12-point background check along with other property management help.

They also provide 24/7 on-call support by calling their (800) number and also provides a 24/7 maintenance crew for those occasional maintenance needs of rental homes. Utah has property management companies that charge eight to 10 percent of your rental price as a monthly fee to provide management. However, Keyrenter.com provides a flat fee of $75/month for services. This is a great deal for those who have a high-priced house they are renting. If you have a home renting for $1,500 and have to pay 10 percent ($150) a month to a Utah property management, then KeyRenter is the better deal charging only $75 a month.

Compared to all the other Utah property management companies, Keyrenter is the most inexpensive out of all of them. Not only do they provide 24/7 support for your rental property, but they also handle leasing needs such as sign and lockbox installations, pre-negotiating, rent analysis, and advice.

They also handle property management of mailing late notices, handling tenant/owner/property issues, and eviction administration if needed. Another benefit is that Keyrenter provides accounting services, that way you’ll have an organized monthly accounting statements and someone to turn to with financial questions about your property.

Having 24/7 support while renting your property is a great thing to have. You never know what issues or questions that may come up where you have to turn to a professional for answers. Maintenance issues can occur to your rental property while a tenant is living there that needs to be looked at immediately. If KeyRenter is your Utah property management company, you would be assured that things would be handled in a timely manner by experts, so you won’t have to worry. You’ll receive 24/7 support and not have to be alone and guessing what you’re suppose to do as a rental property owner.

KeyRenter assists hundreds of Utah homeowners rent out their homes. As a Utah property management company, KeyRenter handles leasing, management, and accounting for Utah rental homes.

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