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Morocco Hotels: Your Home Away From Home

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Located in Northern Africa, Morocco is a country that offers unique beauty and warm hospitality which is very suitable for vacation. It is bordered with the Atlantic Ocean on its west, Mauritania on the south and Algeria on its east and southeast. The colorful and dynamic cultural background influenced by Europeans, Arabs and Romans makes it more attractive to foreign travelers.

For years, foreigners have come to visit the place in search and to witness the mythical Morocco. One would definitely be captivated by its beauty. Morocco never failed to impress its visitors with its majestic palaces, amazing oases, astonishing sceneries of the landscapes and mountains and the sparkling beauty of its coastlines.

To make it more memorable, you would want to stay in any of the Morocco hotels where you can eat, rest and just relax. You will surely enjoy the taste of home in Morocco hotels after each tiring day of Moroccan adventure.

Casablanca Plaza Hotel. Casablanca Plaza Hotel is one very convenient place to stay while visiting Morocco. It is situated in the heart of the city of Casablanca where it is just a few minutes away from the airport and the commercial area. The hotel was formerly known as the Crown Plaza Casablanca and is also near the Hassan II Morsque, Mohammed V Square and Old Medina. These mentioned places are just some of the most visited and hot tourist spots in Casablanca, Morocco.

The Casablanca Plaza Hotel offers 22 charming suites and 158 classy and sophisticated rooms. Each of these rooms has its own air conditioning, wireless Internet, private washroom, tea and coffee facilities, telephones and mini bars.

If you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the snow capped Atlas Mountains, they you may want to stay at Es Saadi Palace and Villas. You can definitely adore the enchanting beauty of its landscapes while savoring the peacefulness and serenity in any of its 10 villas. You can also enjoy swimming in any of its 4 heated swimming pools around the villa’s own enticing garden.

The luxury hotel on the other hand, is lavishly designed and created by great craftsmen. You can choose from its rooms and suites where you can definitely enjoy the charm of having a private home in a foreign land. The hotel also offers Oriental spa to help you relax and ease your tiring muscles after a long day of Moroccan experience and tour. Part of its amenities are air conditioned room, free newspaper, safe box, cable or satellite television, telephone, kitchen and mini bars.

Royal Mirage Agadir Hotel. The Royal Mirage Agadir Hotel is located 29 km from the Al Missira Airport, 8 km from Gulf du Soleil and 12 km from Golf du Dunes. Lying between the beach and the Boulevard Mohamed, this 4-star hotel has 180 exquisitely styled and furnished rooms each have its own air conditioning, satellite television, mini bar, safety box and bathroom with hair dryer. Each has its own balcony also where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the hotel’s garden.

Villa Rose Sultan. Rose Sultan is a secluded 4-star hotel located in Marrakesh, Morocco. This hotel truly lives to its name, making everything about it rosy – from its landscapes planted with rose bushes to the rose-flavored teas. Even its 9 rooms are named after a variety of rose. Hotel amenities include air conditioning, wireless Internet, satellite TV, telephones and mini bars. Though it has been opened for almost 2 years only, it is quite famous, accommodating high profile personalities.

People love to visit places like Morocco and book themselves in first class accommodations like a morocco hotel. You will feel the coziness and relaxing effect of its surroundings. Or you may want to try marrakesh morocco hotels.

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